Maidaan Final Trailer: Ajay Devgan is seen doing strong acting in the final trailer of Maidaan.

Maidaan Final Trailer: Ajay Devgan is seen doing strong acting in the final trailer of Maidaan. post thumbnail image

Maidaan Final Trailer Video Just eight days before the release of Ajay Devgan’s film, the makers have released the final trailer of the film. In this second trailer, some scenes and dialogues are same as the first trailer, but some powerful scenes and new dialogues have made this new trailer powerful. Ajay Devgan’s intense acting and dialogue delivery is enough to give you goosebumps.

Ajay Devgan’s film Maidaan

An attempt has been made to show the struggle of Ajay Devgan acting in the movie. First they struggle to build a strong team. Then to prepare him and then for the caste of that team. Amidst all this, Ajay is shown facing obstacles at every step. Ajay Devgan is playing the role of S.A. Rahim in the film. This is a biopic. In such a situation, hardly any other actor could have played this role better than Ajay Devgan.

There is powerful dialogue in the trailer

The most special aspect of this trailer is the dialogues spoken by Ajay Devgan. Apart from this, the way Ajay gets into the character in a serious role, you will also see it at many places. Be it the scene of entry into the stadium or the scene of meeting with officials. Ajay went everywhere.

“If you want to play hockey, you will have to raise the level of your game”… “I thought that today we will talk about India, but we are still stuck in Bengal and Hyderabad”… “Whatever you don’t understand, please read it.” “shouldn’t be talked about.”

Apart from Ajay Devgan, Priyamani is also in the field. She is playing the role of Ajay Devgan’s wife in the movie. Apart from him, Gajraj Rao is also seen in a negative role. Apart from these, there are many actors who are seen in the roles of players.

Directed by Amit Sharma & Produced by Boney Kapoor film Maidaan is all set to release on 10th April 2024.

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