‘Coolie’ returns 41 years later, Rajinikanth unveils title of ‘Thalaivar 171’…

‘Coolie’ returns 41 years later, Rajinikanth unveils title of ‘Thalaivar 171’… post thumbnail image

Decades back, the iconic Amitabh Bachchan embodied the character of a humble ‘Coolie’ in Bollywood. Now, another legend, revered as the ‘Thalaiver’, is set to step into the shoes of a ‘coolie’ on the silver screen! Director Lokesh Kangaraj recently unveiled the teaser for the superstar’s upcoming venture, ‘Thalaivar 171’, revealing its title as ‘Coolie’.

The teaser serves as a tribute to various instances where the superstar portrayed the role of a ‘coolie’ or a baggage handler in films like ‘Uzhaipaali’ (1993), ‘Mannan’ (1992), and ‘Mullum Malarum’ (1978). Additionally, it features the iconic song ‘Siva Sambo’ from the 1979 movie ‘Ninaithale Inikkum’, adding nostalgic charm.

Earlier in March, Kangaraj had teased fans with a black and white poster of the star, hinting at the title reveal on April 22. The poster exudes a gritty vibe, with the ‘Enthiram’ star sporting an open-neck shirt and flaunting gold chains.

Kangaraj also hinted that ‘Coolie’ exists within the same cinematic universe as ‘Kaithi’, ‘Vikram’, and ‘Leo’, sparking excitement among fans.

While specific details like the release date and supporting cast remain under wraps, there’s buzz that composer Anirudh Ravichander, known for his work in ‘Jailer’, will be part of the project.

In the teaser, the superstar is depicted in rugged cotton attire, engaging in action sequences while wielding what appears to be a sophisticated gold watch.

Reacting to the impactful posters, the superstar’s former son-in-law, actor Dhanush, expressed his enthusiasm with a simple yet powerful word: “Mass!” Dhanush was previously married to the superstar’s younger daughter, Aishwarya.

One fan, captivated by the teaser, exclaimed, “When it’s #Thalaivar, #Ani goes into an insanely crazy mode!!”

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