‘Abraham Ozler’ Film Review: A Serial Killer Chase that Loses Momentum Quickly

‘Abraham Ozler’ Film Review: A Serial Killer Chase that Loses Momentum Quickly post thumbnail image

The Jayaram-led film, “Abraham Ozler,” finds itself trapped in the clichés of the serial killer genre, offering only fleeting relief with a cameo appearance from superstar Mammootty.

In the world of movie serial killers, leaving behind cryptic clues at the crime scene seems obligatory. It’s as if they crave the challenge of being pursued and admired for their cunning. “Abraham Ozler” adheres to this formula, with its titular character, a brooding police investigator played by Jayaram, haunted by the disappearance of his family. However, the initial promise of his haunted past dissipates as the film progresses, giving way to a conventional investigation plot.

The discovery of a series of murders, each marked by a cryptic clue, propels Ozler and his team into a race against time. While the script holds some intriguing elements, they fail to translate effectively on screen. Even the appearance of Mammootty in a cameo fails to inject much-needed vigor into the narrative, which suffers from clumsy execution and uninspired dialogue. Despite hints of a sequel in the epilogue, “Abraham Ozler” struggles to leave a lasting impact, highlighting the need for a fresh approach to the serial killer trope.

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