No more VIP’s and Non VIPs’s in the Bigg Boss house, Rakhi Sawant becomes the first Finalist


The Ticket To Finale race begins in BIGG BOSS house from tonight. In today’s episode, the contenders can now see the path that will lead them to glory, and they are going in with everything they have! While only VIPs are eligible to enter, the Non-VIPs can decide which VIP will stay in the game. As we know, no task is complete without a twist, the catch here is the Non-VIPs also have a chance to grab a big chunk of the prize money that VIPs have by winning the task assigned to them, and the ‘Sanchalaks’ are none other than the VIPs themselves.

Now, after the task that has been announced, Rakhi Sawant becomes the first confirmed finalist for this season. This means that she has gotten all the powers in the Bigg Boss 15 house and there are no VIP and non VIP contestants anymore.

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