Spoiler Alert : Shivi defends Priya and reveals the truth to Ram in Bade Achhe Lagte Hai 2

The Great Flicks

Sony TV’s favorite and most popular show Bade Achhe Lagte Hai 2 is coming up with an interesting twist and turns as Ram and Priya part their ways. Though Ram and Priya care for each other, family drama complicates their marriage. Priya misunderstands Ram as she sees the Annulment papers and assumes that he is planning to declare their marriage null-n-void. On the other hand, Shivi gets suicidal and Priya promises to get her married to Akki. Ram plans to reveal the truth to Priya but fails to gather the courage. Lack of communication compels Priya to take an extreme step and she secretly gets Shivi married to Akki. Ram is left shocked as Priya breaks his trust but she too is shocked as Ram broke his promise. Now their relationship goes for a toss in the blame game. However, Shivi comes to Priya’s rescue and tells Ram about her suicide attempt and how Priya had saved her. Now let us see if this truth will calm down Ram and he will accept Shivi and Akki’s marriage or not. And what new twist will bring in their lives.

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