Bigg Boss 15 : Housemates angry with Shamita Shetty and Afsana Khan after Bigg Boss cancelled the task after they violated the rules

The Great Flicks

Alot of things are happening in Bigg Boss 15 house. After Miesha Iyen and Ishaan Sehgaal’s double eviction the housemates are fighting to get the vip zone. Salman Khan announced on Weekend Ka Vaar episode that the Race To Finale week has begin and only those contestants who will get the vip zone will be able to compete for finale. In the latest promo of Bigg Boss we have seen the housemates are losing their cool over the VIP task.

In the latest promo, Bigg Boss is angry with the housemates and stopped the VIP zone task. Both Afsana Khan and Shamita Shetty violated the rules and hence for the punishment Bigg Boss stop the VIP Zone Task. After That housemates got angry on Shamita for talking in English. In the promo jay can be seen confronting Shamita Shetty for speaking in english and telling her that they hardly have food left. The actress then said that others who have spoken in english should also be called out.

On the other hand Afsana Khan was confronted for sleeping during the task. Afsana was not happy with the angry housemates and she threw a fit. In the promo she can be seen rolling on the floor while screaming her lungs out.

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