Kanta Laga : Neha Kakkar, Tony Kakkar and Honey Singh party number released

The Great Flicks

Neha Kakkar, Honey Singh and Tony Kakkar’s steamy song ‘Kanta Laga’ which won everyone’s heart . Neha’s DJ swag is seen in this song. The tuning fans of trio are getting a special liking in the song and the people are tying a pool of praise for the trio. The teaser of the song was out last sunday which was much loved by fans. The song has settled in everyone’s heart as soon as arrives. The song has been making a splash on social media as soon as it releases. The song “Kanta Laga” has been released on the Youtube Channel of Desi Music Factory. You can see the song features a bang swag from Neha Kakkar, Honey Singh and Tony Kakkar’s song. Also Neha kakkar dance steps are also seen in the music video and Tony Kakkar and Honey Singh’s rap has put the song on fire.

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