Bigg Boss OTT : Shamita Shetty saves Rakesh Bapat from elimination, nominate herself by tearing the letter sent by her family

The Great Flicks

The Bigg Boss OTT’s theme of having a connection inside the house is twisting the game plots day by day. With each passing day the connection equation are growing stronger. The intensity between Shamita Shetty and Rakesh Bapat is being wittnessed by the audience and they are loving this connection.

With the nomination nearing, Shamita and Rakesh were called in the confession room by Bigg Boss. He asked them to mutually decide who would save themselves from nomination and who would get nominated. The contestants who is saved from nomination gets to read the letter sent by their family. Shamita Shetty tears the letter sent by her family and sacrifice it for Rakesh. She makes him read his family’s letter and saves him from nomination.

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