The Big Day

The Great Flicks


This docu-series follows 12 real-life engaged to be married couples for months from their wedding preparations leading up to their big day. ‘The Big Day’ is more than just the flashy clothes, that drunk uncle at the reception it is a dive deep into the psyche of a millennial bride and, of course, her partner.




Ashish Sawhay, Aakriti Mehta, Faraz Arif Ansari

6 Couples In The Big day

  • Aman Kapoor And Divya khandelwal
  • Nikhita Iyar And Mukund Chillakanti
  • Ami Pandya And Nithin Zacharias
  • Pallavi Bishnoi And Rajat Swarup
  • Aditya Wadhwani And Gayeti Singh
  • Tyrone Braganza And Daniel Bauer

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