College Romance Season 2

The Great Flicks


Continuing from season 1 the TVF Show Brings back campus buddies trippy (manjot singh), Naira(Apoorva Arora) and Karan(Keshav Sadhna). As the second season opens, Naira’s love story with Bagga (Gagan Arora) is going strong, though it could all end considering she plans to go abroad for higher studies. Trippy has found new love or so it seems and Karan is chasing Deepika (Shreya Mehta), despite her ill temper, rude insults and ego trips.


Apoorv Singh karki


Sidhant Mago, Aakash Ahuja, Manan Madaan


Manjot Singh, Apoorva Arora, Keshav Sadhna, Gagan Arora, Shreya Mehta

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